concrete sealers

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Acid Stains / Westcoat SC-30

​Metallic Stain

Made from an acid solution, wetting agents, and metallic ions, Acid Stain penetrates and reacts with concrete and Westcoat's cement to produce rich, attractive finishes.  When applied on concrete, the stain's metallic ions combine with concrete particles; the resulting oxides produce a variety of mottled colors ideal for both interior and exterior products.  Acid Stain is the most durable and UV resistant of the concrete stain systems.

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Water-based Stains / Westcoat SC-35X

​Environmentally Friendly 

Water-Based Stain eliminates the need for rinsing or neutralizing.  Water-Based Stain does not contain caustic ingredients and can be used as an alternative to solvent and acid-based stains.  ideal for stamped concrete rejuvenation or adding color to plain or old concrete, Water-based Stain is designed for use with most Westcoat overlay systems and can be used over many other acrylics.


concrete stains

Fast Stain / Westcoat SC-36

​Fast Drying. Eco-Friendly.

 Fast Stain is an environmentally friendly, solvent soluble, deep penetrating powdered dye, intended for use on interior concrete.  When mixed with acetone, Fast Stain dries to touch in seconds, allowing for a quick and easy installation process.  Perfect for polished concrete, Fast Stain can be used as a primary coloring system or used in conjunction with Acid and Water-Based stains as a secondary coloring system.

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